Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cynghordy, the Sequel

Regular readers will recall that a week ago Paul and I were foiled in our attempt to complete this walk.

Today we were back and determined to be completists.

Route (Viewranger)

Now that we knew the first part of the route we made good progress. A coffee break was had after a steep climb out of the valley at Gilfach Farm.  Before long the high ground gave views down to Cynghordy and its well known viaduct.

Why an ancient petrol pump?

This is nice

Distant view of the viaduct

Throughout our walk there were lots of sheep with their newly born lambs. The ewes clearly thought we were going to feed them and rushed to the fence lines only to be disappointed.

Feed me.
Once we reached the viaduct  we were impressed on how the original builders completed this structure. A number of the huge pillars were wrapped in scaffolding where it appeared the pointing of the stones was being maintained, but there  was no sign of any workers.

 Immediately below the viaduct lies Gosen Chapel which was built before the viaduct which now towers above the chapel.

Gosen Cottage and chapel

A well used piano

Childrens graves
Near here we stopped for lunch and then heading uphill passing the dilapidated Galltygyrnig Farm and crossing the railway.

Galltygyrnig Farm
On the high ground  now there were  distant views of the Carmarthen Fans and the Sugar Loaf (not the one near Abergavenny).

Distant views of Carmarthen Fans

Another view of the viaduct


We stopped to chat to the farmer at Gilfach Farm who said he had seen  us on the outward stretch. Collies are my favourite dogs and  this farmer had at least three who only wanted to be stroked.

If we have a criticism of this walk is that the last stretch is steeply uphill not something we would normally plan for!

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