Monday, 30 March 2015


Is the mantle of navigating being passed down, has the pupil become the master? Unlikely but much to my surprise and consternation "The Navigator" TOLD me that I had been nominated to come up with a walk local to me and LEAD it. This was all to do with the forecast giving  rain about midday and a short walk needed.

I was up to the task and decided on a walk from near my home,taking into account field paths, Paxton Tower  and the National Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW)


With rain being forecast at an early stage I cut the walk a little and we drove to the NBGW and commenced our walk from their car park.

We headed into Llanarthne where fields of sheep were crossed and up a steepish path where a coffee break was had.

Climbing from Llanarthne
 From here we walked to Paxtons Tower, unfortunately now out of bounds because of falling masonry, but where excellent views of the Tywi valley could be seen.

Looking north west from Tower

The route was now down hill passing a field of Jacob Sheep and into the woodlands of Pont Felin Gat and then through the grounds of the NBGW.

Cascade in Pont Felin Gat

Lonely mallard in the Mirror Pool in NBGW

Anyone seen my parrot?
We just made it to the car before the rain.

The apprentice did good.

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