Friday, 20 March 2015


Confession is good for the soul. So here goes.

With the "Navigator" on his way back from Austria, Paul and I decided on another walk from the  book of Alan Richards. This was one of his shorter walks and took Cynghordy as its centre.


It started and finished well but the bit in the middle did not happen. As has been said on previous occasions, Mr Richards instructions are  spot on and an OS map is almost unnecessary but today we were confused within about half an hour. Try as we might we could not find the way which led down to the valley bottom. We could see the farm we needed  to get to but  path there was none at least where we first looked.

The farm we wanted in the centre.

We followed one path and then retraced our steps not realising we had passed the required path twice!

Following a coffee and much map pondering including some electronic gadgets we set off again and by sheer luck found the hidden path which led us to the valley bottom. We had by now lost so much time we headed back for the car knowing we would have to return another day.

View back up valley

From the start the bridalway was signposted and again part way along our route but when we hit a bulldozed forestry track the signs disappeared and clearly two were needed and I think that Mr Richards instructions could have been clearer which is so unlike him.

Despite the above it was still good to be out on such a beautiful day and as someone famous once said "I'll be back"

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