Monday, 9 December 2013


What was planned for this Moday's walk? was it The Yukon, Dawson City, Yellowknife?  No, none of these, but there used to be gold in the hills near Dolaucothi, the venue chosen by the Navigator.


We walked through the estate before joining the minor road which led down to Caio, which seemed to be shut!

 However on a nicely placed seat we had a coffee break but not before Mrs Navigator thought she saw a sheep stuck in the brambles but as she approached the sheep wandered off, as they do.

She would have done better to free the turkeys who were clearly being readied for later in the month.

We now headed off north easterly up into the woods and along Banc Bronffin and out onto the open countryside at Ffos y Nod. The views were disappointing at first owing to low cloud but they did start to open out as the sun battled its way through.

Our route led us to Rhyd ddu and along the ridge at Cefn Y Bryn and on downhill to Banc Llwynceiliog and onto the minor road beyond Glan Meddyg.

This minor road led back to the car at Dolaucothi

Thursday, 5 December 2013


Monday's walk on 2nd December was to be based on Moylegrove and the local coast path.

The small village has a free car park, toilets and a board showing local walking routes.


We set off south west straight uphill on a minor road looking for the footpath down to the coast. The above route map does show a track to the farm but this is not on our older maps and we were a little taken aback to see a most unwelcome sign.

 However our path was a little further on and led to the Witches Cauldron a huge collapsed cave. The tide was out which had trapped a large fish seen swimming around in the water below. When the tide is right it is possible to canoe into the cave.

After a coffee break we walked down to the cauldron and walked north. The sea was very calm and unusually there were a number of boats in the area including what looked like a navy warship.

Lunch was taken near Ciebwr Bay.

A decision was made to continue north along the coast and then turn inland following footpaths and bridleways back to Moylegrove.

Although we were now in December a blackberry bush clearly had its timing wrong as there was blossom and one green blackberry!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Kenfig Burrows

Mr & Mrs Navigator have now returned from warmer climes and the Sunday evening conversation informed me that Monday's walk would be in the Kenfig Burrows area which would be new to us all.

We have all passed this area speeding by on the M4 near the Tata steel works at Port Talbot but today we would be exploring.


We parked up by the visitor centre hoping for some leaflets but although the toilets were opened the centre itself is only open at weekends.

 However the navigator had his plan and off we went.The area is well served by footpaths all signposted but read on!

View from the Centre

Our coffee break was had by Kenfig Castle or what remains of it.

Kenfig Castle
From here the signage disappeared as did the obvious paths. We managed to find our way through some scrubland and onto the burrows where we zig zagged  about doing our best to avoid wet feet.  Eventually we arrived on the beach where we had lunch.

The beach was empty apart from one walker in the far distance.  The smoke plume from the steel works clearly showed a lack of wind and with the sun shining it was a very pleasant rest stop with views over to Swansea Bay.

An empty beach

Looking towards Swansea Bay

Wonder how the wind turbines are doing!

Following lunch we set of along the beach away from the stell works and landed up at Sker Point and followed paths back to the car where we sat again in the sun to have our last coffee of the day.

An outdoor room

What' around the corner?
Next time I travel the M4 I will be able to say "been there".

Sunday, 17 November 2013

River Dee Walk

A family visit to Chester usually means a good walk/bike ride with Andy, but this time with sciatica giving me a hard time something gentle was called for.

So with pain killing tablets swallowed we decided on a flat walk along the River Dee which started from Andy,s home.


As usual there were plenty of people at the Chester end and clearly a rowing event was going to take place.

Chester weir and cormorant

As we walked towards Frodsham the crowds thinned out. The footpath near Frodsham was closed because of a land slippage and so we turned back watching the various rowing boats heading upstream to their start. It looked hard work with a strong downstream wind and the river just coming off a high level.

Hard work

A little easier

Back near Chester and the footbridge across the river we purchased coffee and cake at on the boat houses - very reasonable and welcome.

The winners

warming down
By the time we reached Andy's home the pain killers were wearing off, frustrating to say the least.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Grisedale Tarn

It was looking like a wet last day and so it turned out towards the return.


However although the big tops were in cloud the walk up the valley was clear. We took the northern path gradually climbing past Ruthwaite Lodge, now a climbing hut and eventually to Grisdale Tarn where we stopped for lunch. Just below us 4 tents were parked near the tarn, they were in for a wet night.

Grisedale Tarn

We retraced our steps to the climbing hut and then took the southern path back to Patterdale. The forecast rain had now commenced in earnest and we were lucky to have missed most of it.

On our descent the "Navigator" shouted out "bikes" and with that two mountain bikers swooped past. We came across them a little later and they had cycled up to Helvellyn starting at Glenridding and presumably then up Sticks Pass to Raise, Helvellyn, Nethermost Pike, Dollywagon and down. Mad, mad but clearly enjoying the experience.

That's the end of our "boys week".