Tuesday, 28 October 2014


More rain and even lower cloud but we were not deterred. Today's destination was the limestone escarpment of Whitbarrow.


We parked by Millside and started up through the woods climbing into the rain and mist. I am sure there are good views from up here but you will have to "google"them.

At least one view as we climbed

It says it all

Nice summit cairn

Following lunch the mist cleared a little as we descended steeply through more woods to the valley floor passing Witherslack Hall.

Keep the home fired burning

Apparently we were up there

Lovely welcoming sign
We also passed an interesting art gallery before coming out at Beck Head where it seemed a stream came from under a limestone outcrop and some very nice private homes.

Beck Head
It was still raining.

Back to base for our last meal and packing up for the  trip home on Friday.

Although we could have done with better weather I still enjoyed the walks and countryside we saw in this part of the Lakes.

Cumbria Way - west of Coniston Water

Our week is coming to an end but the weather is still being a little selfish with low cloud and light rain forecast.

The benefit of this of course, is that we don't have to flog up the biggies!

Today we were heading for the low hills to the west of Coniston roughly the Blawith fells in a figure of eight walk.


We parked near Brown How and walked up the lane to join the Cumbria Way to Beacon Tarn heading southwards to Tottlebank and then south west to the Giants Grave.

Beacon Tarn

We are somewhere on here.

Coffee at Beacon Tarn

Might be Giants Grave
Here I was able to remove the over trousers before the climb up to Blawith Knott where we had lunch.

Blawith Knott
 The top half of the "eight" was accomplished by walking north eastish to the east side of Beacon tarn and up onto Beacon Hill and dropping back to the car.


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Arnside and Cicerone

Well the forecast was correct, it's raining!  However looks like it will improve as the day goes on. The Navigator fellow had a plan! We could go to Milnthorpe and  visit the Cicerone Guide Book HQ and look for some books about Switzerland and other countries where there may be some Alps and then go for a walk around Arnside.


Now Milnthorpe has an odd way of displaying parking tickets.  You have to find a shop which supplies a timing card, similar to the blue badge scheme and then select your time of parking and leave it on view. The good news is that there is a free period.

We were expecting a big advertising hoarding on the Cicerone office but it was very discreet and not obvious, but we found them. What a lovely bunch of people. They showed us the many racks and the Navigator purred as he wandered through the books, I stroked the office dog. We eventually left with a dent in the credit card and a collection of guide books.

The rain had stopped and we drove to Arnside and parked up on the front for a coffee and sandwich. When this was finished the rain started again and the wind was blowing a hooley. Not deterred we donned the suitable clothing and set off around the coast.

Pieces of eight

No he wasn't I was walking in the rain

Common today
 By the time we reached the corner by New Barns it was becoming hard to stand up so we cut inland and rejoined the coast by Arnside Point.

We continued around passing Far Arnside, the Arnside Tower and then uphill to Arnside Knott before returning to the car just before another downpour.

belted Galloway?

Looking down on Arnside

Do the passengers know there is gold on board?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Coniston Waterfalls

Monday was wet and windy but with loins girded we set off for Coniston village where we parked the car and set off for Yewdale beck.


We walked under Yewdale Fellside and took the road up towards Low Tilberthwaite and the quarries.

Yew Fellside

First waterfall

Our route

Road up to quarry

Herdwick sheep


The Yewdale Beck was followed and crossing the river onto Tilberthwaite Gill. There was some concern about crossing the Gill but we saw two others make it look easy and we followed using the stepping stones. In clear and less windy weather the walk could have gone over Wetherlam but not today.

Why the brush?


Bracket fungi



We had lunch behind a handy rock looking back to Birks Fell. The path was then followed to the bwlch and on down along Hole Rake overlooking the Youth Hostel and eventually back to the car.

Birks Fell


Coppermines Youth Hostel

Autumn Colour

Another Waterfall
There were numerous water falls on this walk.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

High Nibthwaite, Top O Selside

Sunday's walk was on the hills to the east of Coniston Water which includes Bethecar Moor and the high spot Top O Selside.

Route (as best remembered)

We parked near the property known as Water Park and walked back to High Nibthwaite.

There is a path which climbs straight up to Brock Barrow but we headed around the hill to the east and took an easier path to the summit.

Looking down on the south end of Coniston Water

Summit of Brock Barrow

Coniston Water

More of Coniston Water

From there we crossed rough and in places boggy ground taking in Low Light Haw, High Light Haw, Arnsbarrow Hill and down to Arnsbarrow Tarn before reaching Top O Selside.

Handy shelter for lunch

Arnsbarrow Tarn

Top O Selside
From here we dropped down west to a major path and turned north to again turn west near Low Parkamoor dropping through a wooded area to gain the road back to the car.

Coniston water

From the main path

Nice wall