Friday, 17 October 2014

Newby Bridge

Our October "boys week" had arrived again. The Navigator and I had travelled from West Wales up to the Southern Lakes for a week based in Greenodd. Unfortunately the weather was not the best and hence a lot of the photos will looked washed out. However we walked everyday and despite the gloomy conditions natures colour scheme was looking good.

As usual we try to get in a shortish walk on the way to our accommodation and the choice this year was close to Newby Bridge. Our log cabin was one of three in the grounds of Summerhill.

Our Cabin

Summerhill Mansion

View from Cabin

Route ( as best as I remember)

Because of various motorway road works we did not arrive until 1600, Those walkers we did see were heading back to their cars. After visiting the two lakes, Lower and Upper Dams we walked north west and then south following white topped posts to Rusland Heights. We can only assume these posts were just there to show the way to  the high spot as they stopped and we had to find our onward way back to the car via Boretree Tarn and the woods to Finsthwaite in the increasing darkness.

Model of the area

Low Dam

Lower Dam

High Dam

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