Monday, 24 November 2014

Cefn Bryn

Today was going to be our third day in recent times to visit the Gower, we will soon have Swansea Jack accents!

The walk was number 8 from the Cicerone guide to Walks on Gower.

Route Viewranger

Route UK Hills

We parked the car in Penmaen at the foot of Cefn Bryn and began the climb up.

 We soon had views overlooking Three Cliffs Bay and further west to Oxwich Bay. The weather was a lovely blue sky day with flat calm seas.

Three Cliffs Bay

Oxwich Bay

On the ridge

It was a lot warmer here than back home where for the first time this season I had to scrape ice from the windscreen.

Once on the ridge top the views were fantastic. The plan was to visit Arthurs Stone but a lack of concentration found us walking to the second trig point away from the stone. A direct route to the stone was chosen following vague sheep trods, which led me directly into a bog and like last week well over my boots. Paul decided he would not follow and sensibly took a diversion.

We did reach the stone where we had lunch and I emptied my boots. The wikipedia link above makes mention the stone was apparently thrown from Llanelli, clearly a former Scarlet player.

Arthurs Stone

The next stretch was a straightforward yomp along the road to a junction where we turned right to follow the Gower way through Decoy Woods and the woods of Parc le Breos back to the car with one last look at Three Cliffs Bay.

Waxcap Fungi

Broad Pool

Gower Way sign in Parc Le Breos

Three Cliffs Bay

Friday, 14 November 2014

Gower Circular - Langland, Caswell

With cabin fever reaching boiling point the weather was looking favourable for Friday. Whilst in the Lake District and a visit to Cicerone, I acquired their guide book "Walking on Gower" and a plan was launched for a visit. Paul was also suffering from a lack of fresh air and so we drove to the Gower and parked up in Bracelet Bay.

Route (Viewranger)

Route (Uk Hills)

Fully kitted up and within yards of starting, Fortes cafe called to us and we sunk a nice coffee. The coastal walk through Langland and Caswell was along a tarmac path with good views of the coast. The sun was warm and we and others were soon walking in shirt sleeves. We stopped to pass the time of day with two chaps and although they are Osprey supporters, together we put the rugby world to rights.


Looking towards Langland

At Caswell the route turned inland via Bishops Wood where although we arrived at the correct path to Clyne Common we took an alternative path  in the wood than that suggested by the guide book author.

Turf roofed building in Bishop Wood

Following lunch we turned south where the guide book made mention of a boggy area leading to a field gate. Not so much boggy as flooded! With hindsight it may have been better to remove our socks as the depth of water was well over our boots. On reaching dry land we emptied our boots and squeezed excess water from our socks!

Watery scene


We now walked down through Mumbles passing Paraclete Congregational Church where Dylan Thomas' uncle was the preacher and then onto the path running alongside Swansea Bay.

Oystermouth Castle

At the George Inn the route went steeply uphill to the Mumbles Hill Nature Reserve but there were good views of Swansea Bay and over to Port Talbot. From here it was downhill to the car.

Regular readers may wonder what has happened to the "Navigator", well he has forsaken wet Wales for the Canary Islands where no doubt he is sprawled on a beach in his speedos' reading some trashy novel.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Newquay to Cwmtydu and back

With Mrs Bob visiting a friend in Taunton, the "Navigator" suggested picking him and Mrs N up for a trip to Newquay and a free evening meal at their house later. Good idea.


We parked up in Newquay after an altercation with a parking meter and a phone call to the Council to resolve matters.

The route shows an inland walk taking in some woodland and a walk down to Cwmtydu.

A number of families with accompanying dogs were enjoying the beach and it was good to see the children being allowed to play in the stream throwing in pretty large poo sticks without being told off. No doubt there wellies were just too short to stop the ingress of water.

Following lunch we walked back along the coast to Newquay.

Ynys Lochtyn in the distance

Newquay or is it Llareggub

The evening meal went down well.