Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pootle on Mon. and Brec. Canal

Not a random walk but a paddle on the canal.

I met up with Judy for a trip on the Mon. and Brec. Canal. We started at Talybont and went as far as Llangynidr Locks.

We normally paddle on a weekday but for all kind of reasons we were here on a Sunday with good weather which had brought out a fair number of narrow boats.


I`m watching you.
We had to go through Ashford Tunnel which on a quiet day is straightforward as it is rare to see any boats, but today we became a little nervous about what the tunnel may hold.  Thankfully both on the outward and return journey we were able to tuck behind a narrow boat and follow them through. If you don't have this facility make sure you are carrying torches.

We had lunch at the locks and then returned back to Talybont where we had a cafe stop and yours truly was treated to a scone and butter.

Approaching Llangynidr


New life
A nice leisurely day.

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  1. Buckshot Bob paddles again! See you still in a Canadian.